Friday, May 04, 2007

[Wadabo_updates] New Afro-contemporary classes with Melissa Alexis!!

New Afro-contemporary classes with Melissa Alexis!!

AFRO-FUSION MODERN DANCE: Saturdays, 5-6:30pm (begins 5/19/07)$12/class

Afro-Fusion Modern Dance is a class that combines the spirit and
technique of West African, Afro-Caribbean, and modern dance styles. After a
soothing yet challenging full body warm-up, we will travel across the floor and
do center work, including choreography. Open to all levels; you are
encouraged to bring your sense of drama and expression to a soulful, fun, high
energy class. Wear comfortable clothing and bare feet (or flat dance

MOVING MEDITATION THROUGH DANCE: Sundays, 2-3:15pm (begins 5/20/07)$14/class

In Moving Meditation Through Dance, we will enter a peaceful space
where movement will help you release tension and stress and slow the racing
of the mind. We will use different movement methods and genres for the hour
long journey back to Self – Afro-Caribbean and West African dance
forms/for the duality of hot and cool; yoga postures and classical ballet/for the
opening of the joints and stretching and lengthening of muscles. This class is
not just about the technique... Open to all levels; wear comfortable
clothing, and bare feet (or flat dance shoes/sneakers).

Joint Ventures Physical Therapy, Kenmore Square 654 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215
Web site: (there is a picture of the beautiful
studio space located on the 3rd floor)By Train: Green line to Kenmore Sq. stop.
Steps from the stop and close to the Boston University Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

** For any inquiries about the classes,
please contact Melissa at (617) 224-7213 or Reserve your
space now via email! Sign up for both classes and pay the opening weekend
rate of $22 for both classes!***

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