Tuesday, May 01, 2007

[Wadabo_updates] Call for Drummers - 05/05

Call for drummers to commemorate Richie Goldstein

Our dear friend Richie Goldstein, who has run the junk percussion
program for youth in JP/Roxbury and Dorchester area
for many many years, passed away yesterday. Richie had been battling
cancer for over a year.

Please help us gather together as many drummers as possible as a
commemoration for him and a tribute to the hundreds of youth he has
inspired, supported, and nurtured through his amazing percussion

Anyone able or willing to help with this can show up and be in the
Wake Up the Earth Parade at 11am (prompt) from the Monument in
Jamaica Plain at the corner of Centre and South Streets - Saturday
May 5th - please tell every drummer you know!

There is also a need for committed drummers who are comfortable with
youth to take shifts running the Junk Percussion area of the
festival, this is something Richie has done for years, playing
rhythms with you throughout the day - please contact Bonnie Rovics at
zenmassage@gmail.com if you'd like to help and i'll put you in touch
with the organizer for junk percussion.

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