Thursday, October 05, 2006

[Wadabo_updates] African Dance this week: Katrina Survivors Performance Benefit, Kissema Dioubate & more...

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Dear African Dance & Drum Community,

Thank you to all who came out to make last week's events, workshops and performances, all.

This coming week there are more African dance events and announcements to keep you going...

1 - Lamine Toure's Sabar Class  - Schedule Change
2 - Kissema Dioubate - Master Class Saturday, October 7th
3 - Bridging the Gulf - Performance to Benefit Katrina Survivors - Saturday, October 7th

1 - Lamine Toure's Sabar Class - Schedule Change

Lamine has decided to re-structure his weekly Sabar class in the hopes of providing a better class for the community.

Starting this Thursday, October 5th
Sabar class will start promptly at 6:30pm with a warm-up
Lamine will begin to teach the choreography at 6:45
This way there will be more time dedicated to Sabar dance!!

This is a change from the previous structure of warm-up from 6:30-7 and choreography from 7-8.

Lamine decided to make this change in response to communtiy feedback about his class
and in the interests of giving his students' more time to learn.
So don't forget to be ON TIME TO CLASS THIS THURSDAY!

536 Mass Ave, Central Sq, Cambridge

2 - Master Class with Kissema Dioubate

Sister Fatou N'Diaye Presents -
Master Dance Class with Kissema Dioubate
Saturday, October 7th
4:30pm-6:00pm (Fatou N'Diaye's class)
Sengalese Dance

Master dancer & drummer Kissema Dioubate will be teaching Sister Fatou's dance class.
Originally from Dakar, Senegal, Kissema is a former member of the Senegalese national dance company,
Ballet La Linguire. Kissema has taught in Boston on many occasions to rave reviews. Don't miss out!

Class is $12/student.
At The Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave, Central Sq. Cambridge
Classes will have live accompaniment by master African drum artists.
All are welcome. For more information please visit

3 - Bridging the Gulf - Performance to Benefit Katrina Survivors in Mississippi

BRIDGING THE GULF, a concert of dance and music to
benefit Hurricane Katrina rebuilding efforts in Mississippi  
by Turkey Creek Community Initiatives
Date:  Saturday, October 7, 2006
 Time: 8 pm
Venue: The Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Square ,
Somerville , Ma 02144. 
Local artists have organized an evening of dance and music to benefit 
Turkey Creek Community Initiatives (TCCI) a non-profit in Mississippi that is resettling people
and promoting a future for them that is culturally and environmentally sound
For more information on the TCCI you can go to:
Derrick Evans, the founder and director, was raised in Turkey Creek, attended Boston College,
became a historian, and taught history in Boston for twenty years. 
He returned to Turkey Creek and founded TCCI. CNN says of his work: "Faster than FEMA,
more nimble than the Red Cross, Derrick Evans doesn't think much about either. 
All he thinks about is that ocean of need."
Tickets; Theatre and Ticketmaster Open seating:  $20 at the door   

Reserved seating: (first two rows) $50 for one ticket,

$75 for two and $100 for four.

Performers: Diane Arvanites-Noya and Tommy Neblett (Prometheus Dance), Marianne Harkless with Beat Tree, 
Bass-Line Motion (Adrienne Hawkins and Larry Roland), Kathy Hassinger Dance Company, Ballet Rox,
Annie Keating (folk-rock singer whose music has been featured on WERU, WMBR and others around the country),
Matt Keating (no relation to Annie, folk-rock singer (photo attached), Rozann Kraus, Rebecca Rice Dancers,
and featuring two African American, folk singer
songwriters from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Erich Suave Funches and Gigi Hines. 
Derrick Evans is also scheduled to speak.
CONTACTS:  Lizz Cannon, 508-292-2720, e-mail; Kathy Hassinger, 617-965-1569,
e-mail, and Margo Marado,
617-491-5144, e-mail

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