Tuesday, October 17, 2006

[Wadabo_updates] Gede! An Intensive Workshop on Haitian Dance & Culture

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Dear African Dance & Drum Community,
Yes, it is that time of year again.

In Honor of Our Ancestors,

Jean Appolon Presents Gede! An Intensive Workshop

on Haitian Folkloric Dance and Culture

Saturday, November 11th & Sunday, November 12th, 3:00-6:00pm

Master dancer/choreographer, Jean Appolon, presents a two-day intensive workshop on Haitian folkloric dance and culture. The series will focus on the Haitian folkloric dances performed during Gede Season, a time of celebration and homage for ancestors in Haitian culture. Mr. Appolon's course will feature Dunham & Horton techniques in a daily warm-up and Haitian folkloric technique & choreography in two 3 hour sessions. Each class will also include assigned readings and discussions of the Gede (ancestor) traditions relevant to the featured dances. Participants will have the opportunity to attend a Gede celebration hosted by the local Haitian community on Saturday night, 11/11. All classes will be accompanied by live percussion played by Haitian drum masters. Some dance experience is required, please ask for details. Answers to FAQs below.


$60.00 for entire 2-session workshop

$30.00 for Saturday or Sunday ONLY (one class)

$70.00/$35.00 if registered after 11/09

To register call 617.909.4489 or email daryamarusa@yahoo.com.

Please Visit www.JeanAppolon.com.

  Frequently Asked Questions:

1: How are these workshops different from his regular, weekly class?

The extended length of the workshop classes will allow for more detailed explanations of both the Dunham/Horton and Haitian movement techniques and illustrate their interrelatedness in Haitian performance. In addition to an expanded study of traditional Haitian dance technique and movement, Mr. Appolon will teach short sets of dance choreography, which will allow for the students to 'get a feel' for the dance steps and develop a firm foundation in Haitian movement sensibilities.

The workshop classes will also include discussions of Haitian Gede Season celebrations and dance genres, specifically their relationships to the Haitian Voudun traditions.  Mr. Appolon would like to educate the participants about Voudun traditions in order to illustrate Haiti's rich culture and to create understanding about the nature and texture of the dances. The overarching goal of the workshop is to engender a more informed dance community and to provide a space for all community members (teachers, drummers and students) to learn and grow together.

All participants are invited to attend a Gede celebration hosted by the local Haitian community on the evening of Saturday, November 11th. This will allow the student to see the traditions explored within the classroom as they are joyously enacted in the community. Transportation will be arranged.

2: What are Dunham and Horton techniques?

Dunham technique was created by Katherine Dunham to train the body specifically for the rigors of African traditional dance genres. Dunham's specialty was Afro-Caribbean dance genres, particularly Haitian Folkloric dance. In essence, Dunham technique was created to develop Haitian movement and performance skills in the professional dancer. Horton Technique was created by Lester Horton, which focuses on developing core strength and symmetrical balance in the body. Alvin Ailey was a student of Lester Horton and used this technique throughout his career. Both of these techniques are used by professional dancers of African and African-rooted genres (and all contemporary dance) to condition and train the body.

3: What about registration and payment?

·         $60.00 for entire 2-session workshop, $30.00 for Saturday or Sunday only (one class).

·         $70.00 after November 9,  $35.00 for one class after November 9.

·         Half payment is due at registration; The remainder of the total fee is due at the workshop.

 Registration deposits will not be refunded if cancellation notice is given after November 9. Only cash, money orders and personal checks will be accepted.

For information & to register call 617.909.4489 or email daryamarusa@yahoo.com.


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