Monday, October 19, 2009

[Wadabo_updates] Drum & Dance classes w/ Pape Ba & Thiokho Diagne this week!!

Dear sabar enthusiasts,
We are excited to announce that this week, Pape Ba and Thiokho Diagne
will be in Boston teaching dance and drum classes!  Many of you have
seen Pape & Thiokho perform as part of our Griot Festival back in
february -- we are really happy to welcome them back this week
teaching the following classes:
Thursday, October 22  -- 6:30-8:00pm -- Dance Complex
Kutiro dance class with Pape Ba (during Paa/Lamine's regular time slot)
$12 per class
Saturday, October 24  --  Drum classes with Thiokho Diagne at the MIT
World Music Room (265 Mass Ave)
12:00-1:30pm -- Sabar drum
1:30-3:00pm -- Kutiro drum
$10 per class
Elhadji Mamadou Ba/Also known as "Pape Ba," is a Master Drummer and
Dancer from Senegal, West Africa. He performed with and was one of the
leaders of Les Ballets Africaine de Sangomare, a premier African dance
troupe in West Africa. Pape Ba is also a dynamic and spirited teacher
who has taught dance to people traveling to Senegal in order to learn
the traditional music and dance culture of West Africa. A talented
teacher and choreographer, Pape currently resides in Burlington, VT.
Ibrahima "Thiokho" Diagne is a Master Drummer from Senegal, West
Africa.  Born into a family of artists, he dedicated his life to the
studying drumming very early. He is a multi-talented percussionist who
specializes in the Senegalese Sabar drum. Thiokho toured with several
artists in West Africa, Europe, the United States, and with Les Ballet
National Du Senegal before moving to New York City. He currently tours
internationally as percussionist for four time Grammy nominee,
Angelique Kidjo.
We hope you will come check out these classes by these wonderful
artists!!!!  Please feel free to forward this email and help spread
the word.
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Monday, October 05, 2009


Hi all,

Leah sends word of how Sunday dance class is working as the Tap Room at RISD is in a locked building:

"Here's the scoop- Michelle Is going to be at the door to Memorial Hall at 12:45 to let non-RISD folks in. You cannot enter the building without a pass. If this becomes the permanent spot we'll have to work that one out. Issa is back so he will be drumming."

See you Sundays!