Thursday, October 19, 2006

[Wadabo_updates] Travel to Senegal with Fatou Carol Sylla & Sadio Diatta Rosche

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JAN. 5-19 OR JULY 9-24, 2007
Information session & Course Overview below:

 Goree Island, Senegal

Fatou-Carol Sylla and Lesley University invite you to an information session to learn more about A SPECIAL CULTURAL EXCHANGE TO SENEGAL, WEST AFRICA, offering programs in 2007 both in January and July. This is a two-week arts based program that focuses on traditional dance and music in their cultural contexts, with a three undergraduate or graduate credit option through Lesley University.   This program, created and led by Fatou-Carol Sylla in conjunction with Sadio Rosche, Dr. Cheikh Sene of Suffolk University/Dakar Campus and Fotigue Toure, music director of the National Theater Group of Senegal, is in its 21st. year!
Come learn what is in store for 2007.  Travel in January or July!
Sat. October 21, 2006
from 1:00 - 2:30 PM
416 Porter Exchange Building
Lesley University
Porter Sq., Cambridge, MA
RSVP not necessary but greatly appreciated.
To RSVP or for more information including payment deadlines call Fatou-Carol at 617-868-6193.
Please check out a video clip from the most recent trip in July 2006 at:
Course Overview below:



January 5-19, 2007 or

July 9-24, 2007


West Africa is rich with humanistic culture that is transferred from generation to generation through its art forms. This course will offer students a Senegalese grass-roots cultural emersion experience. Students will explore the roles dance, music and the integrated arts play in traditional West African culture. Students will study dance and drumming and participate in arts based cultural activities allowing students the opportunity to develop artistically as well as to explore West African culture on an experiential level. Students will also be exposed to historical, geo-political and religious influences on Senegal today by attending lectures with university professors.


This exciting two-week study abroad program will be based for one week in the Casamance, a geographically isolated region in the southern most part of Senegal, known as the "Garden of Senegal".  This is a rural area, in which traditional rituals and an animistic spiritual cosmology are still prevalent.


The beautiful and very historic Goree Island will be home to students during the second week of this cultural emersion experience. Goree Island is a village hundreds of years old and home to the Slave House Museum, which stands as a reminder of the exportation of West Africans as slaves from her shores. It also offers an artistic, research and cosmopolitan environment, due to its proximity (a twenty minute ferry ride) to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.


While in Senegal students will have the opportunity to:


Study indigenous dance and drumming in their traditional contexts as well as with members of the National Ballet of Senegal.


Participate in community drum and dance festivities/rituals 


Attend lectures on historical, geo-political, and Islamic influences on Senegalese culture as well as the on Arts and Spirituality in Senegal


Visit the Slave House and Ifa Museum, the University of Dakar as well as attend a National Ballet rehearsal and/or performance.


Meet with a traditional practitioner, watch artisans at work, and visit traditional open markets in Ziginchor, Casamance and on Goree Island.


Fatou- Carol Sylla founded A Special Cultural Exchange in 1985 and has organized and led West African arts based, grassroots study abroad programs for almost two decades in Senegal, Guinea and Guinea Bissau, including several years for Bradford College.  She does this in conjunction with Sadio Diatta Rosche, international artist and tour organizer in her native Casamance, Fotigue Toure, music director of the National Theater Group of Senegal, Cheikh Sene, professor at Suffolk University/Dakar Campus, as well as many other artists and family members.


For more information on the January or July Program please call Fatou-Carol at 617-868-6193

or email 


For fees and payment schedule, please open attachment.

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