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[Wadabo_updates] Uhuru Afrika - Afro Dance Event; Fundraiser in Honor of World AIDS Day

Adam Gibbons proudly presents the launch of

Uhuru Afrika: A Monthly Spirited Afro Dance Celebration

Thursday December 4th, from 9 pm - 1 am

at AllAsia Bar 

334 Mass Ave in Central Square, Cambridge - www.allasiabar.com

In Celebration of a Continent, Its People & Culture
and in honor and awareness of World AIDS Day, 100% of profit from this 12/4 event will be donated to Next Aid for their work in South Africa to better the lives or children orphaned by AIDS.

Adam Gibbons | Vanessa Guzman | Ayano'onay Strickland  

Boston, Ma – December 4th, 2008 – Uhuru Afrika, A soulful, spirited and conscious Afro Dance event will feature DJ's Adam Gibbons (Boston, MA), Sabine (Brooklyn, NY), & Max Pela (Dominican Republic). With Live African Percussion. This Uhuru Afrika will be a fundraising event for the non-profit Next Aid for their World AIDS Day initiative. 100% of profit from this event will be donated to Next Aid for their work in South Africa to better the lives or children orphaned by AIDS. The first monthly Uhuru Afrika will take place at AllAsia Bar (334 Mass Ave in the Central Square area of Cambridge) on Thursday December 4th, from 9 pm - 1 am.


Showcasing a fresh new concept in nighttime entertainment, lounge, dance and celebration. The purpose is to celebrate and spread the vibrant culture rooted in the continent of Africa, and all of its branches that have stretched far and wide by means of the diaspora. Showcasing the Music, Arts and Ritual of the people of Africa. Uhuru Afrika will Feature DJs spinning an eclectic mix of music from, or inspired by the continent, Live Instrumentalists, Film, Libations and African Arts. Uhuru Afrika however, is not just about dancing, music and drinks. Rather, we want to create a communal experience - people coming together, using music as a mode of fellowship and release. Though this environment is rooted in Africa-diasporic tradition, this event is geared towards an eclectic crowd with all ethnicities, religious, cultural and social backgrounds. This is about creating a positive, worldly, uplifting atmosphere.


Adam Gibbons

Phone: (617) 755-9795



The Music:

Africa is arguably the center of the world and the birthplace of man. With this comes the birthplace of music. Africa is home to many styles of music, and has given birth, through the African diaspora or, slave trade to many more. Our DJs skillfully select music from this grand stream of music that Includes AfroBeat, AfroSoul and Funk, AfroHouse, Reggae, Dub, Salsa, Bossa Nova, SoulJazz, Kwaito, Yoruba, AfroCuban Jazz and many more. This collection of music, programmed together in one evening, under one roof, isn't readily available, or known to even exist to the general population of this city. We hope that through word of mouth and with the help of the media, we can bring it to them. 

Crowd Participation:

In order to accentuate the rhythm in the music, We will be providing various instruments for the crowd to pick up and join in on the musical creative process. Community instruments such as tambourines, shekeres and hand-drums will be on site.

The Venue: All Asia Bar:

Big clubs are a focal point for the masses, but often at the sacrifice of homogenizing the personal connection with people. Instead, we are going for a small, intimate and hospitable venue. Instead of attempting to acquire 600+ participants during a night, we are perfectly happy with 100-150 people that are serious and light-hearted about creating a positive, uplifting landscape that will facilitate an environment not easily found in the city. A place where people come together to connect with each other under the umbrella of a conscious and positive musical experience instead of the mainstream superficial interaction. We sought out that perfect intimate venue where if the lighting and decoration is right, coupled with the music and incense in the air… you could blink your eyes and be tricked that you were in a local hangout in Dakar, Nairobi or Lagos.

About Adam Gibbons:

Called "Boston's best kept secret" by Decontrol Magazine, Working in the industry for over 15 years, Adam Gibbons has been producing and spinning events for just about as long as he can remember. Through mind, body and soul, Gibbons is a music lover and strives to share his passion with the crowds he plays for. Whether it is in Miami at the Winter Music Conference, in Detroit at the Movement Festival, or any other city he frequents, Gibbons' selections range from soulful, deep, Afro-Latin, and vocal house music, Afro beat, disco and various underground classics and works to create a reciprocal positive energy with his crowd.

Adam has worked with such heavyweights as Bebel Gilberto, De La Soul, Grammy winner Louie Vega, Ron Trent, Osunlade, King Britt, Thievery Corporation, LTJ Bukem, Yerba Buena and many others. Adam has also studied African Hand Percussion with Bob Bloom, Facilty Advisor at the Olatunji Institute, learning the Olatunji method of traditional Yoruba hand percussion and has traveled the US bringing his sound to some of the countries hottest parties. His events have been featured in multiple newspaper and magazine features and his long running Soul Revival party was labled one of the Top 10 parties in the US by Rolling Stone Magazine. He is currently studying the sacred West African religion of Ifá through its texts.

His party, Soul Revival, was Boston's longest running event and has gained international recognition. Rolling Stone magazine named it one of the best parties in America and wrote, "For the past ten years, spiritual-minded partiers have gathered every Saturday of the full moon at Villa Victoria, a former church, for this throwdown." URB Magazine, referred to it as one of the hottest parties in the nation for house music, and said that the party was "a direct link to the days of the Paradise Garage."

View his myspace.com page at -   http://www.myspace.com/djadamgibbons 
View His Artise Site at 

See Adam in Action @ the 2008 Loom Fest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4efaugYdyE 

About DJ Sabine:

One of NYC's hottest upcoming DJs, Sabine is already making a big  commotion on the House music scene with her energetic DJ sets fusing heavy influences of Afro-Latin and her native Haitian music into a Techy House sound. Also, a certified energy healer and acupuncturist, Sabine uses the same energetic approach to healing as she does to spinning. Her party Brooklyn Mecca is exactly that, a Mecca of sorts, for the hottest underground dancers and hip music aficionados to gather and pay homage to the groove. She has been spinning for years and has shared the turntables with the likes of Joe Claussell, Ian Friday, Osunlade, Carlos Mena and many more.

View her myspace page at -   " http://www.myspace.com/djsabine 

View her parties myspace page at -   http://www.myspace.com/brooklynmecca 

About Max Pela:

Recently transplanted to the Boston area but born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Latin America's new Mecca for electronic music. Max Pela started his musical journey as a percussionist learning Jazz, Blues, Rock, and the different ethnic rhythms from the Dominican Republic and Haiti. He is known for the cool and fresh sounds that take you on a journey throughout paradise and the eternal warmth of summer on every track that he spins.

He began spinning by the late 90's and became the resident DJ of Ocho Puertas. Spinning on such prestige clubs like Abacus, Almodobar, Fusion Rose, Pop Lounge, XXO, and Spot Cafe and on Visionario On Tha Radio 95.7Fm in the Dominican Republic. In the United States has played at Soul Funktion Radio, Shine Lounge, Aria, WRGP 88.1 & 95.3FM Miami, Circa28, Love Lounge, Stop Miami, Bullfrog Eatz, Club Rain and Jowas Lounge. Working with local and international DJs Offbeat, Saeed Younan, Carlos Mena, King Britt, OrganicArma, Marco Bailey, Hyper, Mr. O'neil, Roberto Zayas among others.

His passion is none other than House Music, and some of its variations like Vocal House, Soulful House, Deep House, Afro House and Tribal House. Some of his mayor musical influences are Little Louie Vega (MAW), Osunlade, Danny Tenaglia, Miguel Migs, Steve Lawler, Peter Tha Zouk, Dj Vibe, Chus & Ceballos, Bruno Marciano, Peace Division, Thievery Corporation, Jazzanova, Atjazz....

Max Pela adds that he is constantly seeking variety, uncommon sounds in each genre, the mixture of these genres, creativity and the search for that specific sound, and his fondness for non-conventional producers, of newer generations.

View his myspace page at -   http://www.myspace.com/djmaxpela 

Press Photos available at the artist web links above, or contact for high-res images

View The Event Website & preview the 70minute "Uhuru Afrika : Volume 1" DJ Mix
by Adam Gibbons Here> http://www.uhuruafrika.com

View the Going.com listing here> http://www.going.com/UhuruAfrika

Venue Site Here> All Asia Bar: 

Next Aids website here> http://www.nextaid.org

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  1. The curtain raiser acts, Heart & Soul, The Warriors, and General Oryx staged commendable performances, trying hard to pacify an impatient audience eager to watch, sing and dance to Black Uhuru’s songs.
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