Friday, November 07, 2008

[Wadabo_updates] More progress with Abdoulaye Diakite

Hello WADABO Community,
Just as I felt obliged to share the news about Abdoulaye's accident with you, I feel equally compelled to share this update with you.  Please see the message below as Abdoulaye Diakite continues to show improvement in his health.  I want to thank WADABO for posting these messages, and thank the community for your support and positive energy.     

Jennifer L. Thermenos

Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 14:28:21 -0800
Subject: [dununvillage] More progress for Abdoulaye!

Hello Drum/Dance friends,
Just one week later and Abdoulaye is showing some marked improvements and recovery!  He has undergone a bit of physical therapy while sitting up in bed as they moved his limbs around and asked him questions to get his cognitive functions churning.  He is responding and speaking a word or two or sometimes short sentences and beginning to recognize certain people and their names.  I'm told some of his 'sass' is already returning!  
He is undergoing a battery of tests to assess his current state and determine how much trauma his system has undergone but so far, things are looking pretty good.  There have been some very positive developments and it just shows us what we already knew...that Abdoulaye is a fighter (when it comes to what matters anyway)!  Between his fortitude and all of you across the world with your prayers, thoughts and good wishes, he is making a swift comeback! 
For those of you who have some history with Abdoulaye, if you have any pictures of say Tambacounda and/or his family, audio with him telling history, or any video, it would be great if you could bring it to share with him as it may assist him with regaining familiarity and memory. 
One final note I'd like to share is concerning a way to help out in this situation.  Drumskull Drums is volunteering to organize and receive donations on Abdoulaye's behalf.  Please read here for complete info:,_events_&_links.php  "One major concern given this situation is the financial state that this leaves Abdoulaye's family in. Many people in Senegal rely on him daily. At this time DrumSkull Drums is accepting donations to help support Abdoulaye, his family in Senegal and his family here who have literally stopped working to be there for him at all times. Please offer up anything that you can afford."
Thank you all for your concern, caring and all of your positive energy during this last hectic week.  It's inspiring to be reminded of what a great community we have here.
Warm regards,

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