Tuesday, January 08, 2008

[Wadabo_updates] Stand up & be counted as artists!

Stand Up and Be Counted!

The Artists Foundation Census

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Greetings! The Artists Foundation has been using the ground breaking 2007 Minnesota study, Artists Count, conducted by Springboard for the Arts & MN Citizens for the Arts, to advocate to the public policy makers in Massachusetts about our population. That study was instrumental for our advocacy in changing a key regulation in the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law. However, it became clear that we needed to collect our own Massachusetts data.

The Artists Foundation (AF) in collaboration with a wonderful team (including input from Springboard for the Arts) has created an online questionnaire to collect much needed information about our population. We are using a broad and inclusive definition of artists working in all disciplines. It encompasses: visual artists, musicians, composers, writers, poets, playwrights, new media artists, film makers, crafts people, actors, singers, performance artists, graphic designers, lighting designers, dancers, choreographers, and the like.

The STAND UP AND BE COUNTED online questionnaire is divided into three sections: Part One: Census and Key Data; Part Two: Survey; Part Three: Economic Impact. If possible, please answer all three sections. However, if you can only fill out one section, please make every effort to complete ALL the questions in Part One: Census and Key Data.

Thanks again for helping us better advocate for our population!


"Individual artists, of all disciplines, are often an invisible population to our policy makers and leaders. Current creative economy studies--and, for that matter, studies on the art world--do not adequately, if at all, measure the important contributions artists of all disciplines make, not only to the creative economy, but to our society. Individual artists of all disciplines are the foundation that makes our society and the creative economy thrive and grow. Without the individual artists of all disciplines, there would be no art of any kind to present and experience. There would be no creative economy. It is that simple."

Kathleen Bitetti, Artist & Executive Director of the Artists Foundation

If you would like more information about this online questionnaire,

please contact us at afinfo@artistsfoundation.org or by phone at (617) 464-3559.
Note: Email is the best way to reach us.

Kathleen Bitetti, Project Leader
Artist & Executive Director of the Artists Foundation

David Galiel, Project Developer
Nonprofit Web Consultant & Musician

Start The Online Questionnaire Now!

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