Monday, September 18, 2006

[Wadabo_updates] Master Class with Kissema Dioubate THIS Saturday, 9/23

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Kissema Dioubate
will teach Sister Fatou N'Diaye's class on

Saturday, September 23rd at 4:30pm, $12

Master Class in African dance focusing on the dances form Senegal, West Africa.
e are fortunate to have Kissema Dioubate visiting the N'Diaye family in the next week all the way from Germany!! Originally from Dakar, Senegal, Kissema is a former member of the Senegalese national dance company,
Ballet La Linguire.
Kissema has taught in Boston on many occasions to rave reviews. Don't miss out!

Please see the announcement below for more class information.  Sister Fatou is greatful to Kissema for suporting her and we are greatful that Fatou consistantly brings master artists here for us to study with.
We will see you all in class on Saturdays at the Dance Complex!
(Abdoulaye Sylla will teach Sister Fatou's class on Saturday, September 30th)

African Dance with Sister Fatou N'Diaye

A series of guest teachers, including Abdoulaye Sylla,  Kissema Dioubate & more,

will be teaching Fatou N'Diaye's class while she continues to recover from her injuries…

Come out and support Sister Fatou & learn the exquisite dances of Guinea & Senegal, West Africa
from a series of celebrated dance teachers!



At The Dance Complex

As always, class is $12.00/student

with LIVE accompaniment by master drummers!


536 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA

Central Sq. stop on Red Line /

WWW.SILIMBO.COM / 617.427.5160 / 617.909.4489 FOR INFORMATION

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