Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[Wadabo_updates] New Brazilian Dance classes & Brazilian Music Concert

Dear African Dance & Music Community,

1 - New Spring Samba and Afro-Brazilian Dance Classes
2 - A Night of Brazilian Music with Roxanna Peixoto at Atwoods Feb 23

1 - Oi sambistas. Thank you so much for attending our classes, shows
and workshops.

Announcement: New Spring Samba and Afro-Brazilian Dance Classes...At
the Boston Center for Adult Education and SpringStep (Medford) - Sign
up now!

I would like to offer you an opportunity to learn samba and
Afro-Brazilian dance with 8 week courses that will break the dances
down to their basics and then progress forward to dancing with
confidence and choreography. This will be especially helpful to folks
who feel lost in large classes or get stuck in the back of the room
feeling like they are missing out on dance moves. Please take
advantage and learn in a small class setting. Also, this is not a
drop in class. So, we can move forward together without tangling
beginners with advanced dancers and achieve a certain level of ability
at the end of the course. Please forward the info to any of your
friends that may be interested, especially if they live in Boston or
close to Medford. Of course we will continue our drop in class at the
Dance Complex and have fun every Saturday, 1:30-3:00pm (536 Mass Ave,
Square, Cambridge).

Check out the BCAE and Springstep links below.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in class.


Afor-Brazilian Dance Class at Springstep Studio in Medford Square
3/28/09 to 5/23/09:

Samba class at Boston Center for Adult Education 3/11/09 to 4/29/09:

2 - A night of Brazilian music...

Rosana Peixoto is back in town and has a gig at Atwoods in Cambridge.
Come one come all.

Rosana Peixoto - A Night of Brazilian Music
9 pm February 23
Atwoods 877 Cambridge St. in Cambridge.
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