Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[Wadabo_updates] Please help Daniel Soumah

Dear African Dance & Drum community,
In this time of giving and family, please take a minute to reach out and help someone who is in dire need in our own African dance and music family, Daniel Soumah:

The African drum and dance community are reaching out at this time to ask for financial donations to help Susan & Daniel Soumah with the very trying time they are experiencing. 
It is a terrible misfortune that Daniel is very sick with cancer.  Daniel got a chance to come to America to marry Susan and better his life, and now he is ill.  Dana Farber has done all they can do for him.  The cancer is no longer responding to his chemo treatments.  The cancer has spread to several areas of his body and is very progressive.  They are preparing them for only months, not years, for Daniel to live.
Daniel would very much like to fly home to see his family for a short visit and then return to be with Susan.  Due to many health risk factors, it is uncertain if the trip would be too much for him.
Another option they are contemplating, is to have one or two of his family members be able to fly here from Guinea to be with Daniel in the near future.
In either case, assistance would be very much appreciated by Susan & Daniel in their time of need.  Your prayers are as well.
If you wish to help with a donation gift, please contact Fatou F'Diaye at:  fndiaye79@yahoo.com, or phone her at either of these numbers:
hm:  617-427-5160
cel:  617-459-3342

Thank you and blessings during the holidays.

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