Tuesday, December 02, 2008

[Wadabo_updates] Diaspora Religions: Two events on Santeria & Vodou

Dear African Dance & Music Community,
There are two fantastic educational events about Santeria (12/4) and Vodou (12/14), come out and learn about African religions in the Diaspora:

1 - Lecture on Santeria with Oriate (priest) Danny Rodriguez at Harvard (12/)
2 - Class on Haitian Vodou with Manbo (priestess) Maude Evens (12/14)

1 - Lecture by Ocha (Santeria) diviner Mr. Danny Rodriguez - THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 4:00-5:00PM

MR. DANNY RODRIGUEZ, an Oriate (Diviner-Priest) of the Ocha
religion (often called Santeria) will present a lecture on
his experiences in the religion.  At the end, Mr. Rodriguez
will take questions from the audience.

LOCATION: William James Hall, Rm. 1 (in the basement),
Corner of Kirkland St. and Divinity Ave., Cambridge
INFORMATION: amcgee@fas.harvard.edu

This is the last installment in the Afro-Atlantic Religions
Lecture Series planned by Prof. J. Lorand Matory with the
support of the Department of African and African American
Studies, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American
Studies, and the Committee on African Studies at Harvard
PLEASE NOTE:  The last lecture planned for the series, Mr.
 Milian on 12/11, is CANCELLED.

Adam M. McGee, MTS
Doctoral student
Department of African and African American Studies

2 - Serving the Spirits Rada Service, Songs and Practice (Vodou102) December 14, 2008 from Noon to 3:30 PM

Vodou is a religion of service—service to God, to the spirits, & to our ancestors. Vodou Priestess Manbo Marie Maude Evans will present a special class on the Rada spirits of the Vodou religion.

She will cover:
*Major Rada spirits and how to serve them.
*How to build your altar to start your worship.
*Songs for the Radaspirits.  Students will be given a CD of recorded songs to practice.

Fee: $75

Date: December 14, 2008 from Noon to 3:30 PM

Workshop will take place in Mattapan, MA (T-accessible) .
For more information and to pre-register:

kselamy@comcast. net or 617-821-0451

Please note: Pre-registration is required!!

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