Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[Wadabo_updates] Reminder: Balla Kouyate & World Vision play 7/26 & 27

Dear African Dance & Music Community, 

Balla Kouyate and World Vision Perform at Lowell Folk Festival July 26 & 27

SAT July 26 - 3PM - Lee Street Stage
Duo with Pablo Dembele on Djembe and Banjo

SUN July 27 - 1 PM - JFK PLaza & 4PM - Boarding House Park
Balla and his band, World Vision

For more info:

Balla Kouyaté, from Mali, is a virtuoso player of an ancient instrument called the balafon, the West African ancestor of the marimba, the xylophone, the vibes, and a host of related instruments. Kouyate's family roots go back over 800 years to Balla Faséké Kouyaté, the keeper of the Sosso Bala, the first balafon, and the first of an unbroken line of djelis, or griots, in the Kouyaté clan. Kouyate, now based in Massachusetts, continues this classic tradition, with his brilliant, dazzling instrumental solos and original compositions. He will be accompanied by Sekou "Pablo" Dembele on Djembe and Banjo, Raja Kassis on Guitar, Thierno Camara on Bass and Mackane Kouyate on Calabash. 



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