Monday, December 04, 2006

[Wadabo_updates] Senegalese Music & Dance Performance this weekend, 12/09

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Kisssima Diabate & Pape N'Diaye present
Saturday, December 9th at 8pm

At the Julie Ince Thompson Theatre at The Dance Complex

Two powers of Senegal, West Africa, "Ndaje", come together,
to create a spectacular performance of African drum and dance arts.
Featuring the Boston premier performance
of Sengalese music from Doomou Africa.
Also featuring African dance performances, choreographed by Kissima Diabate & Pape N'Diaye,
with special guest artists from Boston, New York, and Vermont.
Tickets are $15/ $13 students.
The Dance Complex is located at 536 Mass. Ave. Central Sq. Cambridge - for directions.

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