Tuesday, January 04, 2011

[Wadabo_updates] Sat, Jan 8th :: A Farewell Celebration for Fatou N'Diaye

A Farewell Celebration for Fatou N'Diaye
Featuring members of Silimbo and Showcasing Student Dances

Since 1991, Fatou has been based in Boston - leading classes, organizing dance conferences, inspiring dancers, building a community, and sharing her love with all of us. 

She is retiring to Senegal next week, so please come out on Saturday, January 8th, and celebrate her all day long. The day begins with classes from 10 am until 7 pm. A performance/celebration follows at 8 pm. And the day closes with an after party from 10:30 pm until 1 am. 

CLASS SCHEDULE (All Classes at the Dance Complex)
10:00-11:30 :: Jean Appolon
11:30-1:00 :: Joh Camara
1:00-2:30 :: Mor Talla
2:30-4:00 :: Mohamed Camara
4:00-5:30 :: Pa Seck
5:30-7:00 :: Fatou Ndiaye
Each Class :: $13.00

Nko Small, Mamadou Cisse, Moha Seck, more!

8 PM, JANUARY 8 2011
Tickets $15.00 
Dance Complex
536 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

10:30 pm - 1 am
Sunset Cafe (close to Inman Square)
851 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 

Lynx Ndiaye, Stone Montgomery, Bouba Diabate, Sory Diabate
Mamadou Diouck, Shawn Pauling, Lunise Antoine, you!

Samba "Pape" Cisse (Musical & Artistic Director), Mamadou Cisse (Assistant Artistic Director), Nko Small (Junior Assistant), Lila Sylla

Harolyn Bowden, Awa Ly, Yacine Ndiaye, more!

Joh Camara and Lynx Ndiaye

Lorraine Manahan, Sarah Wolford, Marie Primitenra, Julie Ristiro

Fatou N'Diaye is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and performer from Senegal, West Africa. She is a former member of Ballet Nationale du Senegal. She was the founder and director of Ballet Silimbo in Senegal and the founder and director of Silimbo D'Adeane West African Dance Company in Boston, MA., where she currently resides. The company name Silimbo D'Adeane means " Sunrise over Adeane". Adeane is the village where Fatou was born in Casamance region of Senegal.

Fatou teaches in the Cambridge and Boston area performing in local schools, colleges, and cultural arts events. She has dedicated herself to sharing her culture and heritage through dance, music, and storytelling. Her West African Drum and Dance Conferences furthers her mission and showcases the talents of fellow artists across the African Diaspora. Bringing together the finest dancers and drummers from West Africa and the African Diaspora to share their artistry and culture with the Boston area and surrounding communities, and to increase public awareness of Africa's rich heritage and contribution to the arts worldwide.

Fatou would like to thank the Boston dance community for their support, especially Rozann Kraus and the staff and volunteers at the Dance Complex for all that they have done for Fatou and the West African dance community over the past 20+ years.

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