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[Wadabo_updates] DEBO BAND with Ethiopian Guests from FENDIKA - Monday, Oct 4

with Ethiopian Guests from FENDIKA 
and Zena Bel trio

Monday, October 4th
   5:00 - 10:00 pm 
--DANCE CLASS, Dinner, and Concert--

At the Theater inside the Central Square YMCA
802 Mass Ave, across from City Hall, Cambridge, MA

CONCERT ::: 7:30 - 10:00 pm

***Zena Bel***
This trio brings roots folk azmari music from Ethiopia, sung by Selamnesh Zemene of Fendika, backed by the kebero drumming of Asrat Ayalew and the violin work of Kaethe Hostetter. 

***Debo Band with Fendika guests***
Debo Band kicks out classic Ethiopian grooves of swinging Addis, big horn orchestra style. Wild saxophones and violins over double drums, sousaphone bass, accordion, guitar, and trombone bring the funk jam and new sound on Ethiopian scales and rhythms. Vocalist Bruck Tesfaye of Boston is joined by visiting Ethiopian vocalist Selamnesh Zemene, while Asrat Ayalew doubles Debo's kit drummer with his goatskin kebero drums, backing dancers in a 15-person stage experience. 

Fendika Dancers: Melaku Belay and Zinash Tsegay – traditional, modern, explosive. Called "the sleeper sensation of the Chicago World Music festival," a star of Milwaukee's Global Union, and now returning from New York and East Coast engagements, this tour finale show will be send-off celebration of these Ethiopian guests' time in America in collaboration with Boston-based Debo Band and the dance community. Expect an audience on its feet with children up front and invited onto the dance stage. Not to be missed!

DINNER ::: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Buffet Eritrean-Ethiopian food from Meheret's Kitchen is available for $10 donation per person. Injera and wots of various spices and flavors!  
Or if you aren't eating, chill out or warm up to some DJ beats.

DANCE CLASS ::: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
This Master Class, taught by Melaku Belay and Zinash Tsegay of Fendika, welcomes both trained dancers and anyone interested in traditional Ethiopian dance forms. Melaku is a master of a range of traditional Ethiopian dance forms, from eskista to Gurage and Tigrigna, and he has toured in Europe, North America, and Africa while maintaining an Addis Ababa hotspot of acoustic traditional Ethiopian folk music and dance, where Zinash is the lead female dancer. This demonstration and workshop will give you new skills to try out and insight into the dance stageshow that Melaku and Zinash will perform with Debo Band's concert! Get those shoulders loose ... Contact to reserve a space.

- Concert:  $5 youth,  $10 adults
- Dance class:  $5 youth,  $10 adults 
- Dinner plate:  $10

(Class+concert bargain is $15 adults. Youth prices for 18 and under.)

-- SEE IT, HEAR IT! --

VIDEO, interview and more at

Reviews of this tour at

<Boston Music Awards 2010, Best International Act>


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