Tuesday, November 17, 2009

[Wadabo_updates] Beat Tree Dance Performance This Weekend

Beat Tree Dance Presents

WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER: Dances from the Branches of Beat Tree

8pm: November 20-21, 2009

7pm: November 22, 2009 

Julie Ince Thompson Theatre/Dance Complex
536 Massachusetts Ave.
Central Square
Cambridge, MA 

$15/Advance $18/at the door

To reserve tickets email us at beattree@gmail.com or call 617.750.5931.

beat tree dance company

Beat Tree is an ongoing and diverse collaboration between choreographers, dancers and artists. An undying reverence to African dance, the mother of all dance, is what brings this unique group of artists together. Beat Tree is committed to exploring all forms of dance, rhythm, poetry, and performance art while staying true to African roots. Beat Tree is proud to offer their talents to support a number of global and community causes. We recognise that dance and music are good ways to pull people together and inspire change.

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