Friday, June 05, 2009


Hi Providence folks,

As of now, Seydou's and Issa's classes ARE CONTINUING at Hillel this summer (11-12 Issa's drum class, 12-1:30 Seydou's dance class).

If we don't have enough people, however, classes won't happen. Tell friends, put class as your Facebook status, etc. If we don't have some kind of critical mass starting THIS SUNDAY, I suspect Seydou and Issa will take a summer hiatus. I know summer is a hard time to commit and people are in and out of town, myself included, but it would be a shame not to have the option to dance... and of course it's important to support the master artists/teachers in our midst!


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  1. Hi Providence people - my email from THIS week is not showing up on the blog - hopefully you got in your inbox. If not, I'm pasting it here... Jori

    Hi everyone,

    So there was a mix-up last weekend. Issa and Seydou said the wanted to have class, I sent an email, and then no one showed up ... on time. So they left. And then a bunch of people showed up.

    It's pretty amazing that we have the opportunity to take small classes from these master artists in Providence. If you'd like to see classes continue, please come out THIS SUNDAY, ON TIME, to show Issa and Seydou your interest.

    Issa's drum class is at 11AM-12PM. If you don't have a drum, call him at 401-559-1198 and he'll bring one for you.

    Seydou's class is 12PM-1:30PM. I know that this usually means a lot of people show up at 12:30 because we don't usually start dancing until then, but the idea is to show up at 12, do a little personal warming up, change, schmooze, etc, and then gather for a group warm-up 12:15-12:30. Please come at 12PM. If people only want to commit an hour, we can talk about making class run 12-1PM with no warm-up. But not this week.

    Both classes are in Hillel ( and they cost $10 each.

    Forward to family and friends, write me with questions (jori [at],