Wednesday, April 02, 2008

[Wadabo_updates] Andy Palacio Tribute w/Umalali & Garifuna Collective

It is with mixed feelings I send this email. This should be a wonderful
concert, but since it is a tribute concert, the man who is being honored
is mightily missed. I had the honor to interact with Andy Palacio on a
couple of occasions, and found him to be one of the warmest, most
genuine people I have ever met. He is a giant, and a hero both in the
musical world, and to his people, the Garifuna, whose culture he has
brought to worldwide attention. The Garifuna are descended from Africans
who survived ship-wreck and intermarried with the Caribs in the 1600's.
They have managed to hang onto their own unique culture despite
relocations and pressures from outside forces. The group of musicians
that Andy Palacio worked with will be in Somerville this weekend in a
concert not to be missed!

What: Tribute Concert for Andy Palacio w/Umalali & the Garifuna Collective
When: Saturday, April 5th @ 9:45 pm
Where: Johnny D's, Davis Sq, Somerville, MA

More Info:
Andy Palacio was not only Belize's most popular musician and performing
artist, but a cultural activist with a deep commitment to preserving the
values of his Garifuna culture, and he was preparing an American tour
following the release of the widely acclaimed CD "Watina" when he was
unexpectedly taken ill and died (in early 2008). The other musicians in
his Collective have decided, in honor of his memory, and out of a desire
to continue the work he started, to carry on with the tour. Included in
the band are three singers from UMALALI, the delightful women's group
that has just released a new CD of traditional music from Belize , and
one of the most extraordinary and passionate Garifuna artists of his
generation, guitarist and singer AURELIO MARTINEZ, who has followed in
the footsteps of the legendary Parranderos of the Caribbean to become
the new voice of Paranda. The music itself is a rich admixture of
Caribbean and African rhythms, spun together around the beautiful
traditional songs of this small and vital culture from coastal Central

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