Friday, April 06, 2007

[Wadabo_updates] Spring Drum Update - Drum Connection

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A few new events to tell you about to welcome Spring with drums...join us
and see how much fun playing music can be!

• A NEW Beyond Beginner Class starts April 18th on Wednesday Nights.
• Mamady Keita – Boston 2007 The Djembefola Legend returns!
• The Dunun Drum Workshops (Malinke bass drums) with Alan Tauber.

NEW Beyond Beginner Drum Class – 4/18/07
If you haven't been drumming for a while or recently graduated from a TDC
Beginner Class, the NEW Beyond Beginner Drum Class is for you! Join Pam
Pendleton for 6 evenings as we travel the exciting road to the next level
with your drumming. See the news item on the bottom at our site for more
info (time, dates, etc) and to register. Begins April 18th 7PM. Arlington,

Mamady Keita – Boston 2007 Workshops – June/July
If you haven't heard, the world renown Mamady Keita, djembefola
extraordinaire (and super teacher and cool dude) will be with us for FOUR
days of fun, drumming workshops at the end of June 2007! All of the days
are filling up, so don't wait – Register online today!

Dunun Drum Workshops – 4/14/07!!
Our famous Dunun Drum Workshops are also filling up! On Saturday, April
14th, I will be teaching both a Beginners Dunun Class and and an
Intermediate Dunun Class at The DrumConnection DrumRoom in Arlington, MA If
you want to really learn the beautiful melodies of these drums and how they
inspire the dance and the djembe, come join us for a fun afternoon. My easy
to follow system for learning these incredible drums will get you up and
playing like the pros in no time! Details at our website in the news items
at the bottom of the page.

Hope to be drumming with you at these events real soon!

In delicious rhythm,

"Listening to Famoudou Konate, live or on CD, will make you a better drummer."
The DrumConnection
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