Tuesday, August 08, 2006

[Wadabo_updates] Sabar classes with Elhadji Gueye THIS WEEK!!

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This Week: Sabar Dance Classes with Elhadji Gueye


Enjoy three special Sabar dance classes with guest teacher Elhadji Gueye, direct from New York.

The Boston community is fortunate to have Elhadji teach:


Thursday, August 10th 6:30-8:00pm $12 – Adv Beg/Int level (Lamine Toure's class)


Friday, August 11th 6:00-7:30pm $12 – Beg/Adv Beg level (Pape N'Diaye's class)


Saturday, August 12th 4:30-6:00pm $12 – Intermediate level (Fatou N'Diaye's class)


Don't miss this opportunity to study with one of New York's premier Sabar teachers!



At The Dance Complex, 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA

www.DanceComplex.org / 617.547.9363 / Central Sq. on the Redline

All classes will be accompanied by live Sabar drumming.

For more information call 617.909.4489 or email wadabo@gmail.com


Elhadji Gueye comes from Senegal, West Africa and has been drumming and dancing professionally since his childhood. He is a member of the famous family of griots called Sing Sing Rhythms. Griots are the musicians, dancers, singers, storytellers and oral historians of West Africa. They are world renowned for their expertise in drumming, drum making and keeping ancient West African traditions alive. Elhadji, who comes from a long line of artists, danced for many years with Youssou N'Dour (Senegal's most famous singer). He has also performed with Baba Maal, Ismaila Loure and many other international artists. Elhadji has taught intensive dance workshops in Dakar, New York, Richmond, San Francisco and Amsterdam. He was also part of the Sunugal Ballet, one of Senegal's national dance and drum corps. Currently, Elhadji teaches Sabar dance at Djoniba Dance and Drum Center in New York City.

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